2015 Budget Smartphone SOC Round-Up

Following our recent 2015 Smartphone SOC Showdown which focussed on the top new SOC’s in 2015, we’ve decided to focus on the budget smartphone segment, namely devices up to around $215. We […]





New Kirin 935 to feature beefed-up GPU

Word has began to circulate that Huawei is swapping out the Kirin 930 SOC used in its MediaPad X2 as originally planned, for a slightly modified version dubbed the Kirin 935 for […]


2015 Smartphone SOC Showdown

Its March 2015 and as we know, this is usually the time where the smartphone SOC wars really begin to heat up, with most manufacturers announcing the first of their flagship devices. […]


Snapdragon 810 Performance Re-visited

Its no secret to anyone who follows smartphones and SOC development that Qualcomm has had some issues with their upcoming flagship SOC the Snapdragon 810. Issues so great that Samsung […]


The World’s Thinnest Phones Compared

Thin is most definitely in right now, with sub-6mm phones having started to appear early this year and now, even sub-5mm phones are arriving on the scene courtesy of our […]


New Meizu MX4 Pro to be announced 19th November?

Following the successful launch of the Meizu MX4, it was heavily rumoured that they would be launching a ‘pro’ version with enhanced specs shortly after. Well today Meizu has announced […]


Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Performance Preview

Update: check out our new article with actual Snapdragon 810 benchmarks! Now that the dust has settled from the major launches from the likes of Samsung, Apple and Nexus we […]