What’s the perfect sealant for your concrete worktop?

Concrete worktops

Concrete worktops are recognized for being high maintenance and are likely to get stained easily. Historically, these worktops used to be sealed using materials such as acrylic and old-fashioned wax. These substances had to freshen frequently and, even then, did not do an excellent job at preventing scratches and stains from appearing. For this reason, ConcreteMade offers high-quality worktops that are durable and will last longer. These concrete worktops are made to be protected from any damages when taken care of properly.

All concrete sealants are classified as either penetrating or topical, and it cannot be easy to choose between the two.

Penetrating sealants
Penetrating sealants are accessible in liquid form. They are used on the concrete worktops, left to penetrate in, and are almost undetectable when the surplus is cleaned, and the concrete worktop is dry. The majority of these sealants do not impact the appearance of dry, plain concrete. However, some might leave the concrete looking shinier or drier than usual. This kind of sealant works by either lessening the absorbency or swelling the surface density (the hardeners) of the surface. It works by raising the surface tension, which leads to beading. Even though penetrating sealants do not stop contact with the concrete worktops, they prevent liquid from obstructing the surface. Penetrating hardeners, sealers, and wax are best for concrete worktops that have been polished to a gloss.

Topical sealants
Topical sealants vary in performance, appearance, and longevity. Wax, acrylics, and urethanes all lie in this category. Wax is the basic one and generates a striking, low-to-high-sheen finish that exhibits the worktop’s texture and color. These are super easy to apply but can leave stains when left for some time. Acrylics do not ‘mend concrete, however, dry it out and solidify it to avoid stains. It is perfect for heat protection. Urethanes encompass many of the ‘perfect sealant’ characteristics and come both solvent-based and water-based. They provide UV resistance, are scratch-resistant, and are available in glossy and matte finishes.

Our team at ConcreteMade would be more than willing to helping you find the suitable sealant and a concrete worktop that is perfect for you and the kitchen.

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