An Android Phone That Lasts Up to 2 Months on Standby!

Meet the Philips W6618


Most of us are happy just to get to the end of the day without our precious devices winding down in to a premature slumber, much to our horror.

Whilst contrary to popular opinion new chip-sets whilst faster and more powerful are almost always more economical and of course as handsets get bigger its easier to fit a larger battery in place. So generally we’ve seen battery life improve year by year and most modern phones will last a couple of days with moderate usage, which is just fine for most but what if you wanted not just two days but two months, well if you’re paranoid about being castaway and washed up on a remote island and have a crippling addiction to Candy Crush then Phillips has just the phone!

Their new W6618 packs a fairly feeble, but efficient 1.3 Ghz processor, which when combined with a ridiculously large 5300 mAh battery equals astonishing battery life! They claim the W6618 is good for 66 days of standby or 33 days of talk time, that’s a whoooole lot of chatter. Otherwise the phone is fairly unremarkable sporting a low res 540 x 960 display (no doubt contributing to that phenomenal battery life) 1GB RAM, 4GB Internal memory and Dual Sim support, all wrapped up in an understandably chunky 11.6mm frame.

The price for all these endurance credentials is a modest $273.

Source via Giz China

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